Sunday, April 18, 2010

Custom Wine Labels and Doughnuts!!

I love going to weddings and I especially love going to a wedding and seeing something totally new and unique that separates that wedding from others. Such was the case when I attended the Su'e wedding over the weekend and was impressed with what the bride and groom had in store.

As soon as you walk in to the reception you are greeted with their "wedding cake," a table overflowing with doughnuts! Doughnuts were provided by the popular Sublime Doughnut shop in Atlanta, Ga. Their "cake" was so yummy that I had two pieces! The A-Town Cream doughnut was as good as it looks and I totally did not regret eating two of them! :)

Along with the quirky wedding cake we were also treated with some Samoan wedding traditions such as the Samoan wedding dance... sort of like the "Money Train" dance that is accustomed by my culture (Philippines). But instead of pinning money neatly onto the bride and grooms clothing the guests just throw it at you as the bride and groom dance separately... talk about making it rain!

Another great thing about the wedding is that I actually got to see one of my designs in action! I work with brides all over the country so it is rare that I actually see one of my designs in person. Nicole came to me a few months ago in need of some custom wine labels. She wanted to create two designs, one for red wine and one for white wine. Each label was designed to have two passages that describe their love for each other. The red wine label has a passage that describes the groom's love for his bride and the white wine label has the bride's message to her groom.

It was a beautiful wedding and I am glad I was able to share this moment with them, congratulations guys!!

Posing with the bride

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Photobooth Video

I've been working with my dear bridal client, Homaira, for the past few months now and I have been oogling over her fabulous wedding photos. It's not often that I get blown away by wedding photography but I absolutely loved her photos as well as a really cute and fun video that was made for them. The concept is so simple but so insanely unique at the same time... I haven't seen anything like it. I love it!

View video here, you won't be disappointed!

Photography by: Anika London
Video by: Josh Green